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At Paragon Roofing & Home Improvement, we know that a quality roof repair or installation requires attention to detail and a keen eye for damage diagnosis. With over 20 years experience as a roofing contractor in the Piedmont, we have the expertise to accurately diagnose your roof damage and let you know if you need a simple repair, or an entire entire roof replacement. We pride ourselves on transparency with our customers, informing you up front about the cost and timeline for your home repair project. And we work diligently to ensure every part of your project is completed efficiently, so you can get back to the things in life that matter most.

Signs you may need roof repair:

  • Visible water damage on interior ceilings
  • Sudden spike in energy bills
  • Missing or loose shingles/shingles in your yard
  • Roof sagging or valleys
  • Excessive amounts of shingle granules in gutters

Contact us today to learn more about roof flashing and how to avoid damage like this to your roof.

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